Dr Matt Jones BSc (Hons) BMBS MRCS is a South West Surgical Registrar and member of the Royal College of Surgeons. 


He qualified as a Doctor and continued his medical and higher surgical training within Devon and Cornwall. 


He has practical experience in Orthopaedic and Plastic surgery and operates regularly refining his techniques. 


His training has led him overseas to South Africa, India and Myanmar to further his trauma and micro-surgical skills as well as delivering training.  


He is known by his colleagues for being organised, approachable and enthusiastic with high personal standards and work ethic, together with being a perfectionist who takes his work responsibility very seriously. 


He has developed an interest in non-surgical cosmetics combining his knowledge of anatomy, surgical diligence and artistic flare, strengthened by formal training.

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Dr Alicja Moore MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCS is the founder of Clay Clinic. 


She qualified as a Medical Doctor with a Bachelor of Science in London where she gained further medical and surgical experience.


With keen interest in Plastic surgery she has attended elective placements in London, Shanghai and Sydney, before working at the St Andrews Centre for Plastic Surgery in Chelmsford and then completing core surgical training at Derriford Hospital.


While working full time in the NHS she developed an interest in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. This led her to complete formal training at a prestigious training academy, before establishing the Clay Clinic. Over 2 years she grew this into a well-respected practice known for delivering natural, doctor led rejuvenations. 


Both our dermal fillers and botulinum toxin A come from a legitimate UK based pharmacy used by private and NHS establishments alike. In fact Church Pharmacy has won a prestigious Aesthetics Award: Wholesaler of the Year 2018. For our facial fillers we use the well known Juvederm range and Radiesse fillers, all with varying volumes and densities to allow you to achieve the best results possible. Where possible we use fillers with a local anaesthetic in them to increase you comfort.



We don't offer any fixed packages. It is our strong belief that each face requires a tailored assessment and treatment. There is no circumstance where one treatment fits all. We are happy to spend time with you to discuss and address you specific ideas, concerns and expectations so that you can look like the best version of you, rather than someone else.


In the day where cosmetic treatments seem to be available on every street corner, it is key to ensure quality and safety of the services you use. Our clinic is fully registered and insured. We always use protective equipment and take all available steps to minimise risks associated with treatments. We document everything for future reference and offer you follow up to ensure you are happy with the results. For more information about risks and benefits of our treatments please see the treatments section on our website or book online to book in for a consultation.

We are also proud to announce that Clay Clinic is now a member of the ACE Group whose aim to to improve patient safety in aesthetics.

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