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As we age we are more prone to wrinkle formation and loss of density in the face, particularly if we are exposed to factors such as stress, UV radiation, smoke, alcohol and poor diet. Some of these can be modified, however, even the healthiest people will still lose density in their skin and lose volume in their face.​

Cosmetic injections can help with both preventing some of the ageing changes as well as reverse them, given the appropriate treatment is chosen. Ageing aside, we can address any other cosmetic concern of yours. In the recent years facial sculpting has become increasingly popular and we take great pleasure in helping you achieve the look you want, be that fuller lips or more contoured cheeks.


You arrive at the clinic

We will analyse your face and discuss your concerns and expectations

We will recommend the best treatment for you

We will discuss risks / benefits of the treatment and go through the consent form

We will take before and after pictures along with other documentation

(kept confidential)

We will perform the treatments you selected on the same day

You will be given post treatment care instructions

You can carry on enjoying your day

You come in for a complimentary review in 2-4 weeks

If you book in to our clinic you will be given a 60 minutes slot to discuss your concerns, treatment options and to perform the treatments on the day if you choose to opt for any. We use a numbing cream before injecting fillers, however we don't use them for anti wrinkle treatments as they are very well tolerated as they are.

We will take before and after pictures of you to document treatments and help assess outcome objectively. We will keep them secure and confidential unless you explicitly state to us you are happy for us to publish them. Patient centred care and confidentiality are at the heart of our practice.

After your treatments you need to ensure to follow post procedure advice. Although there is ​no down time as such, it is imperative you don't rub the areas and put make-up on for at least a few hours after. You must also avoid alcohol and heat such as hot drinks, baths, saunas, steam rooms and vigorous physical activity for 24 hours. Advice for the specific treatment you have will be given to you on the day, however take the above into account when booking - it is to ensure the best possible results. We know we don't come cheap and want to make sure you are thrilled about your outcome!

After treatments we will book you in for a free complimentary follow up appointment where we can assess the result and your satisfaction. We will top up your treatments if necessary (anti wrinkle follow up top ups are complimentary however fillers will be charged at a normal rate due to product nature and subjectivity of the outcome).

For more information please view specific treatment sections on our website: 

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