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Skin Boosters - Profhilo

Face Complexion

Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid based, injectable skin remodeling treatment. It is considered an injectable moisturiser. It works to hydrate, plump and tighten your skin, by pulling in water and stimulating your skin cells to produce more elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid and fat. 


It is ideal for people over the age of 30 who are experiencing some skin laxity, crepe-like skin or fine lines or wrinkles.   


Treatment is delivered by several injections and repeated 2-3 times initially, 4 weeks apart then given regularly every 4-6 months. The normal time to notice a difference in skin quality is 8 weeks, but experience suggests it can be as early as 2 weeks. A different in skin quality is often felt before it is seen.  


There are several circumstances in which we won't be able to treat you with Profhilo:

- if you are allergic to any Profhilo ingredients 

- if you have cold sores/skin infection at the site where you want to be treated

- if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

- if you are under 18 (with or without parental consent)

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