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Booking information:

The Erme Skin Clinic (PL6 7PS) 

Monday 14:00-18:00

Wednesday 12:00-20:00

Saturday 9:00-19:00 

Treatments can be done on the same day

If in doubt - Contact Us

Clinic Dates:  

Saturday May 4th - Dr Matt/ Dr Ros

Wednesday May 15th - Dr Sam

Monday May 20th - Dr Ros

Saturday May 25th - Dr Matt

Wednesday June 5th - Dr Sam

Saturday June 8th - Dr Ros

Monday June 17th - Dr Ros

Saturday June 29th - Dr Ros

Wednesday July 3rd - Dr Sam

Wednesday July 24th - Dr Sam

Tuesday August 8th - Dr Sam

Contact us about cancellations

When booking your appointment you will need to select the doctor you would like to see.

All our doctors are happy to see all clients are your information is shared securely between all clinic doctors.

If you would like to see a particular doctor and the dates available don't suit you, then please get in touch. 

Additional appointments can be arranged on request.

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